Croytec Pod Systems

This product is designed and developed by Croytec specifically for the Defender due to the narrow dashboard, but it will fit any vehicle, it can be fixed into place however suits your requirements. The pod boasts a finish similar to the dash finish in the Defender giving a quality accessory for your vehicle.

In the Defender, the ash tray is removed and the aperture is used for the cabling to route from the vehicle wiring into the pod to the instruments/ control switches.

The base can be fitted to the vehicle dashboard or other mounting position, the wires can be routed through the aperture in the base and the pod can be worked on separately and brought to the vehicle, wires connected to the switches/ gauges and then 4 screws fix the top to the base.

The pod can house just 3 x 52mm gauges or up to 9 switches.

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